Kotlin Multiplatform Training: Building Native Mobile Apps
Kotlin Multiplatform Training: Building Native Mobile Apps

October is not only marked by multiplatform development but also by threes: 3 consecutive Wednesdays in a row, featuring 3 hours of intensive training, utilizing 3 (or more) programming languages & platforms.

Check out each day of training and contact Mariia (mariia.pavlova@cleverlance.com) if you have any questions or sign up directly on the registration form.

Training Program

4.10.2023 - Day 1

Building Kotlin Multiplatform applications

  • Brief history of Kotlin project
  • Introduction to Kotlin Multiplatform & its current development status
  • Comparison of KMP to other cross-platform solutions
  • How KMP fits into Kotlin Ecosystem
  • Typical structure of KMP Gradle module
  • Communication between shared & platform code
  • Setup of shared & platform code in version control system repository
  • Integration of shared code into an Android & iOS applications

What does it get to you?

You will understand how the Kotlin Multiplatform (KMP) works and how to use it appropriately.

You will learn how to run a simple application and understand the logic behind the coding.

You will get a comprehensive overview of the advantages and disadvantages of KMP compared to other multiplatform solutions.

11.10.2023 - Day 2

Kotlin Interoperability in Multiplatform World

  • Levels of language interoperability
  • Kotlin/JVM and JVM bytecode
  • Kotlin/Native and LLVM bitcode
  • Design of Kotlin shared APIs
  • Architecture of KMP apps
  • ​Testing of shared code

What does it get to you?

You will be able to develop shared code that can be easily used on native platforms.

You will get a feel for using technical details and code design effectively hide the boundaries of where multiplatform begins and ends.

18.10.2023 - Day 3

Efficient development for Kotlin Multiplatform teams

  • Building a KMP team
  • Onboarding of Android & iOS platform developers
  • Collaboration between Android & iOS teams
  • Development process of mobile apps using KMP
  • What should you share
  • Ecosystem of 3rd party KMP libraries
  • Unexpected perks

What does it get to you?

You will learn what is a key for effective development, how to build a team and work together.

You will learn how to set up development processes, code review or set up a repo.

You will get a sense of which parts of the project are suitable to be shared and which are not.


#kotlin; #multiplatform; #kmp; #android; #iOS


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